I didn’t say yesterday morning but I felt horrible.  The little sleep I got was a big part of that and too, my stomach felt badly until with many mini naps thru till about 1400 and not eating at all, I felt more normal and by supper time, I was just like always.  Man, I felt badly.  That’s unusual for me.  He had his supper as planned, and I stayed up till sleepiness slammed my eyelids shut..about 2245 and headed to bed.  Slept well until Herself got me up at a respectable 0700. I hate feeling so bad as I did yesterday.  I was almost afraid I would have to cancel the visit here as I wasn’t sure if I had a virus or not. 
Meanwhile, that was a bodacious breakfast he had this morning. Four pieces of bacon… thick cut, two scrambled eggs, half a plate of fried potatoes and onions, two biscuits with plum jam, coffee and orange juice.  WHEW!  He’s still going over the paper..no..I just heard the sound of him typing on the keyboard of his laptop.
Meanwhile, there was rain yesterday but it cleared in the late afternoon and it’s sunny now.  The tree has been rescheduled to be cut on this coming Tuesday.  The City has to be here and it’s been hard to coordinate their being here with the cutter himself, his wife said a few days ago.  Unfortunately it is supposed to rain on Tuesday!  A 30% chance, but if that happens, there will be no tree cutting of course and I must wait again for another rendezvous with the City and the tree cutter.  This is getting old.
My oldest will be headed back this noon to his place and I have stuff to do right afterward as always.  At least I feel like it instead of how horrible I felt yesterday till midafternoon. So..off to talk to him and hope to see you later.  Have a super good weekend.