What a glorious beautiful fabulous wonderful gorgeous day! The sky that October blue..so deep…a few clouds, constant sun…75 degrees, no wind..the fragrance of green…there is absolutely nothing better. A glorious day like this makes it even more special to be alive!

Coming home from Knoxville, I had the sun roof completely open..for once not caring about the state of my hair (and it looked good) and as a reward, my hair stayed looking good.  I hated to come home in a way, but I had in mind to clean house this afternoon.  That didn’t happen.  I simply did not want to waste any second of this majestic day doing something like that.

Those of you who also had a glorious day, I am so glad for you.  Those who did not..yours will be coming.  This is October and the month of mind boggling beauty. Watch for it..you’ll wake..open the curtain, drapes or blinds or just look out the window and there it will be, perfection.

For me when I open the mini blinds (no curtains here) and see the sun coming up over the mountain..oh…the grin I get on my face is immediate and genuine. 

OK.  Just hoping you had a good day and apologies for saying I was sicker’n a dog/cat or something yesterday.  I usually never refer to such times.  But oh well…whose counting?