It started raining again yesterday afternoon after being clouded over all day.  I have Google desktop which shows a satellite view of the earth.  Seems like in the U.S. my area here in the Southeast is always socked in under clouds..few exceptions… which is why I waxed so rhapsodic when it was gorgeous a few days ago.
Ya takes ’em when ya get’s em, the good days.  If you don’t have Google Desk Top..Google it and see about installing it as the page you see when you boot up.  I love it.  When the boys went to New Zealand, I could see when they were in daylight there.  They are a day and seven (I think)  hours ahead of us so it was helpful. It’s how I keep up with the approximate day and time with my Sis in Australia. 

I have a possible lunch date today.  I need to call and confirm that but first I need to make several other calls before I can nail down the lunch date.  I am getting ready for the day and in between that I am making calls and readying myself for what needs to be done.  That sounded grim..not at all.  Just the way I put it.

I love fresh clean smooth sheets.  I changed them yesterday afternoon and going to bed is always so extra nice when you lay back the top sheet and covers (after moving the house fresh sheet tester!!) and slip in under the light covers and just enjoy the first time in them.  Making the bed with fresh sheets always brings the Boss in to make sure they are on correctly and that they are comfortable and warmed up for the to a toasty temp  for the human who joins her later.

You wouldn’t believe what I had for breakfast this morning.  I usually have just 1 egg and toast. Sometimes it is a toasted real cheese sandwich.  The next alternate is oatmeal. But today,  it was…ta dah… peanut butter and pickle.  Sweet pickle this time though I love all pickles and peanut butter.  The kids used to just go on and on about how awful my sandwiches were when Dad made PB and pickles.  The usual axiom..don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it applies here.

Well..onward and well…onward.  Gotta get my face on. 

See ya as I make my rounds.