The tree is down, GONE.  


 I have some not too good pictures when they first got here.  They didn’t say so but they needed me away and in the house or gone and out of the way.  So after taking these pictures, I went in to a house without power (you will see the City workers there with the bucket truck) and three hours later it was done.  They have the stump ground too and the owner of the business will be here shortly to spread the sawdust, blow the stuff, put down grass seed and straw.Truthfully, as the tree was diseased and looking sickly, the yard actually looks better without my friend, the maple. was an old friend and you hate to see them get a disease that way and have to go.


I still can’t put the car in the driveway as I am waiting on that to happen.  However I did get out and get some things done.  Oh, and I did get to go to that lunch date yesterday but immediately following I had to get Miss Catt and take her to her doctor.  I dreaded it.  Her blog tells all about it. I just didn’t say anything here.  I thought I would wait for her going to the Vet, and then let her tell the story.  She was content when she got home and did not punish me.  She stayed with me instead of laying by the water bowl.  The Vet has it all figured out.  And, she hopped right up and slept with me last night since she was much more comfortable.  But I know she has already told her story.  I happened to have seen it last evening.

These pictures aren’t the was just getting light out when they got here and so nothing was optimal.  I was in a hurry too.  The reddish smaller tree you see toward the left is my dogwood in the front yard.  The maple is the tall tree almost center in this picture.  She already had her lower branches cut. My house is the one on the left, brown-red roof.

That’s my day so far. I do wish Craig would get here and do the removal of that heap of sawdust.  The Boss is happy in the hallway, on her back, arms and legs in the air sound asleep!  Happy as a little clam.=^..^=

Now..need to get around the neighborhood.  So, look for me.