Man, no more..please!  First the Boss had to go to the Vet.  Two blood tests with analysis, allergy injection and $158.00 later I redeemed her.  Worth every penny.  Who else loves me enough to brave my  first thing in the morning persona while still mostly asleep, to come and give me kissies? 
Then, the tree was finally cut down the the stump ground to the tune of $1000.00.  Then, today the car had to go in  for a brake job.  You don’t want to know.  So, I have spent all I want to for this week and I won’t spend any more till my life depends on it.  Not to mention the house and car insurance were due last week.
I had my lunch, a frozen entree and that’s OK because I was out for lunch yesterday to the tune of real food, not a little something I throw together or crackers and peanut butter so I need a break on eating richer food till the next time out..
I was doing a phone interview for a possible job yesterday and we wound up on the phone for an HOUR.  She is from Wisconsin she mentioned..Racine, and I said that I had at least three Wisconsin girls that I blog with that I adore.  I mentioned where they live and the prospective employer said she knows about where CindyUpNorth ‘s cabin is as they are very familiar with the area there. When all was said and done talking about the job things..she said to call back after I thought it over and even if I didn’t want the job, call anyway and we’d just enjoy chatting.  I love Wisconsin!  The people are great! I told her that too before we ever got to the blog family.  (I did not say names..I only said cities).  She said you can’t be a wimp and come from Wisconsin and live there.  Boy do I agree.  She was of course talking about the weather mostly when in Winter time.  She also said you’d better like fish, cheese and beer. 
Man, I have to go out yet again.  I will be making a pot of chili for Friday night and I need to get some meat for that and some crackers.  I wish someone would go for me.  Himself will be here.
Oh..I have been typing more than I thought.  I just glanced up.  I need to do some more visiting..other than what I did before I left this morning early.