To answer Toodie, no, the tree is my responsibility.  It isn’t in the City Right of Way.  That would be measured from the center of the road inward 25 feet.  The tree was out of reach.

I have decided against that job offer as it requires traveling into neighboring Counties.  I just don’t want to do that.  I had no idea that is would entail travel until I talked to her.  I told her I would continue to think about it for a week but though I am thinking about it..I just do not have a desire to spend my time traveling. So, likely onward to something else.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her.  That phone interview was 59 minutes, more than half of which was having a blast talking to one another as I mentioned yesterday.

The news is telling me that there have been two  fairly local (towns 30 mi. away by and large) incidents in 24 hours, of kids bringing guns to school.  The more they, the media, blast the airwaves with this, the more kids are going to do the copycat thing.  The media mentions the copycat syndrome while constantly blasting us with minute by minute telling and re-telling of the incidents.  Um…where do you think the kids get the idea?  I believe we can point toward the TV so-called "news".  Of course by the age of high school you would have hoped that parents had instilled some sort of self discipline and values.  Sadly that doesn’t always happen.

A pot of chili has been made.  If you join us, I suggest a box of tissues for the nose blowing (not at the table please) and tears brought on by its heat.  It’s a bit spicy!

I took the squirrel swirling and flipping feeder down to recharge its battery (14 minimum hours)  and to clean the tube  It holds 5 pounds…big tube. So I will reassemble the battery and feeder and fill ‘er up!  The squirrels pretty much don’t even try any more.  I have had hours of entertainment though.  It’s the funniest thing I have seen. No wonder people have posted their videos on UTube. 

Guys, I’m on my way.  Clear off a place to "set" for me.