Me and the oldest are getting ready to watch the UT/GA game when there
was a knock on the door! I didn’t even want to go to the door because
the game was just starting!  Who was it?  The best most unexpected
birthday present for son and grandson!  Turned out a friend and
co-worker of his was going to Loudoun, not too far from here and she
asked if they wanted to come for the 5 hr trip, that she’s drop them
off here!!!  Now how’s THAT???  They will be leaving again in an hour
or so..but imagine that!  ALL the way here and watched the game with
us.  Usually it’s me by myself and this time, two of three sons.

He brought my birthday presents which is a wonderful picture for the
wall..and…a certificate for a trip to my homeland, the Shenandoah
Mountains!!!  Next week. I was thrilled to see them!  What a complete

Here is a video via U Tube of spinning squirrels.  My digital SLR
Victoria does not have a video component so I’ll have to show you this way.