The day has passed quickly.  I was allowed to sleep till 0726!  Riches!!  Then, a little time in here after I fed Miss Catt, after which time I picked out what I was going to wear to church and got ready for same.  Headed there, then I went to grocery store right after, came home..tore into cleaning the house, doing the laundry and folding and putting away, taking pictures of the Boss here.  It’s 1525 and I haven’t even cracked the newspaper yet!  But, everything is done.  The cat is listening to her classical music.  It is truly what she loves.  No kidding.  She will come from anywhere she was to settle in the living room and listen.

I was, as you know, so wonderfully surprised by the totally unexpected visit yesterday.  My birthday was September 25th, but the last celebration did not come till yesterday.  Come to think of it, make that next weekend.  Then it will be over.  I am going over the Mountains on Friday to be taken, as part of my birthday present, to Roanoke VA. which is my home place.  It has been since my mother passed away that I was there.  I am looking forward to that trip with both eyes.

I failed to wish my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving.  I have not been that remiss since I started the blog and I am wishing them one now with a happy weekend full of friends and family I hope and a lot to eat. 

I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I hope you have a good week ahead.  I am making my rounds to you all and  about to start again.