Here we are, well over 10 inches above normal from constant showers and some pouring down rain.  We had 3 weak tornadoes Friday.  A cloudy day Saturday, a cloudy day Sunday and the rest of the week is supposed to be rain every day.  Same old stuff. 

Last night, I woke at 0235.  Don’t know why.  Godness knows I am always still short on sleep.  But I laid there, turned as though I was on a rotisserie, rearranged and punched and flipped the pillows trying to get comfortable and to find a cool place on them when Nurse Catt hopped up, walked to my face and settled on part of my pillow holding my hand, and purring.  That settled that!  She left after getting me settled though.  Maybe she stayed 15 minutes. Since she has been medicated and her hyperthyroidism in completely under control, her fur is thicker and more luxuriant..just the way it was before she got sick.  What an opulent and beautiful little porker.  She gained almost a pound!  8/10ths of a pound by the Vet’s scale.  I have cut waaaaay back on her Pounce treats.  Those are fattening.

She is right here on those little steps you all have seen when I put a picture of my computer surroundings in here when everyone else did.  When is that again that we declare it computer surroundings day?  She is here to get kisses on top of that little furry head and to be talked to.

OK.  Obviously I have nothing to say but it’s raining and that the cat is pretty.  So…off I go. Oh and here is MY last rose of summer with a visitor.  I took it last week.