was pretty good and I hope he lasts..Chuck Lidell is pitiful.  GO!  Natalie..slow and average looking. She’s alright.

 Mark has the possibility but he is still too fast in movement.  Donny..that
was GOOD!  The Charleston was good to the celebrities tonight.

Vito..just go, please. Melissa
Hart..not too bad. Kelly..she can do well when it suits her.

 Mya, arrogant and
demanding. She doesn’t deserve what they give her.  Johanna is a far
better dancer. Johanna..the
best of them all. Just my thought.

I really haven’t said anything about the show this season as they don’t have anyone on there worth talking about this time. Hope they get over having so many "celebs".  Fourteen of them is ridiculous and a waste of their time and ours as they get  too many old ones who just can’t make it. It’s not "entertainment" to me. (guess that just got pretty obvious!) The original number of celebs they had was fine.

Rain again..and as always, all week long.  We will be a good foot of rain over normal before Christmas.  That will be easy as it’s ten inches over now.

I slept well last night but I could not persuade my fur nurse to get in there with me. She declined to join me.

I am trying to get her meds.  I have to go thru this every time where I order them, in person at a visit and they act like they are going to order them.  A week later I call..they are never there and we have to have them overnighted.  Now, she can’t do without her meds.  I hesitate to complain to her Vet as I don’t want to ruin a great relationship with him or "the girls" out front.  Asking for the script to order on line would probably cause a bump in the road too as for an example, every time I have been there Miss Catt has had her nails cut ( 11 dollars) and she had a mat shaved off her tummy.  Not sure of the cost for that but I have never been charged but one time for her nails, and never for a mat.  Of course now that she allows me to brush her again, we should not have the problem, but..she had to have several shaved off while she was in her "don’t touch me!" mode. So, I am enduring the inconvenience trying to get her meds to maintain the relationship.

I am getting ready to go out..maybe there will be someone to swoon off his feet.  Think?

Nurse Sweetie Pie.