My Wednesday rant.  What is it about crossing 4 lanes of traffic that makes too many people strain strain and strain looking and looking ONE direction only to see if the opposing traffic is clear enough to dart out and cross to the  other side, and totally NOT looking at the traffic flow you are going to have to cross!?  How many wrecks?  Uncountable.  I see that sort of thing in the paper every time they make traffic reports.  I see it almost every time I go out in my car.  It’s like a plague or something.  TURN your head, you doofus and look both ways rather than scaring the hair off the head of the poor person driving along legally,  who has to brake hard or pull over if possible or something to let you and your privileged self IN and across in front of them. 
To those idiots I say— look both ways, just as your mother taught you long ago.  Even my cat Robin, before I had Miss Catt, looked both ways before she crossed the street.  (She was an indoor -outdoor, and always in at dusk) Both ways!  Saw her do that many many times. 
They called to say the cat’s meds are in so I will go out in the monsoon-like rain and get it.  Saw the results show on DWTS last night..the right person was tossed..I just hope the little skateboarder and Lidell are next.  I must say, the new pros they have on this season, the new professional dancer women that is, are pretty sharp tongued to the hapless "celebs" they have that are doing poorly.  Very sarcastic.  That’s not cool and not pleasant to hear either.
I had better get a move on as the morning is going quickly.