I’m home and while we did not get to go to Va. to where I am from and photograph Fall foliage. we did have the experience of Little Morsel, the 2 1/2 week old kitten that was found at grandson’s school under a portable building. He brought her home (it is a girl) after school. That certainly canceled any plans for the weekend as we were leaving immediately my teacher son hit the door.  I could see she was a baby.  I thought 4 weeks and I was mistaken.  She is 2 1/2 weeks and while a lively precious morsel, she had a hard time nursing from her bottle.  She didn’t know how to handle that latex nipple so she would up chewing with those tiniest of tiny 1/32nd of an inch long wee fangs.  She managed to get herself half a bottle down into that small tummy right away and a full bottle during the night. Son had to get up in the night twice to give her her bottle at 2 and at 5 am. She was in his bathroom in a box, resting on a wee little kitten sized fleece bed I bought her when I had run out to get her a bottle and kitten milk. She had climbed out of that box during the night as it turned out, although the box was tall in height, during the night (never thought she could) and wee -wee’d on the floor thank goodness!  That meant the sweet thing had gotten nourishment, and that her plumbing was functioning.  At that barely born age, her other bodily function looks like a gel.  You’d never know she had had movement.  No solids of course as she was figuring out how to nurse from a bottle.  And I had bought a tiny little litter pan with sawdust looking litter and she didn’t know what to do yet as the was too much a baby for instinct to kick in.

Son called someone with connections to an animal protection agency..don’t remember what it is now..tired..and she recommended we take her the next morning to be i.d.’d as to age and so on.  No one there would take her though as she was nursing.  Dilemma because I was leaving..and Miss Catt would have her for a snack if I tried to bring her home (she was too tiny to travel) . By serendipity, a teacher (different school than my son’s) happened to be there at the same time we all were, and  she was looking for a kitten.  She was willing to see that the kitten had her bottle the requisite every 3 hours even unto the night..take her to school on school days so she could be fed there during the day.  It was easy to see she adored Little Morsel.  Her mother happened to have been there too and she and my son exchanged names and phone numbers so my heartbroken grandson could visit. 

You may wonder why the baby had to find care.  The only reason was..the baby has to nurse every 3 hrs. When son and grandson leave, the last person on their home leaves at 6 am.  That would mean the baby kitten would be there shut up in a small room all day with no nourishment.  NO…absolutely NO way would we ever do a thing like that to a baby animal.  This woman and her mom coincidentally live near to my son..both will care for the baby kitten, besides taking her to school.  The grandson can visit Morsel any time he wants to.  He had his heart set on her and was caring for her diligently seeing that she had her bottle and keeping her warm in his arms.  He had to be brave and reluctantly so, for her sake.

That little baby was so lucky to be found by someone like my grandson who loved her so and who tried to take good care of her and was brave enough to let her go to a loving home also..where she could be taken care of 24 hrs a day while she needs it. 

I just hoped you’d love to know.  Here’s the Morsel.