There was snow as I came back home over the mountains.  I was just so
excited and in love with that tiny Morsel of a kitten that I forgot
everything else in my anxiety to show you that small treasure.

The snow blew in over night as the weather man had stated it would, and
by the time I got to the higher part of the trip..there was no trace of
it on I-40 at all..not where I was driving.  But it was everywhere
around me.  Not much a layer of frosting on the higher
elevations of the mountains.  Pretty.  Too bad there is no way to pull
over safely and take pictures.  I used to take a few when I had my
point and shoot which even so, required my eyes off the road for a few
seconds as I set up.  But with Victoria, the mighty Nikon SLR, no way.
She is too heavy, and she needs support where the heavy big lens I have
attached to her connects onto the camera body.

We have had sun since Saturday!  Today is Tuesday so that is four days
in a row!  Tomorrow is supposed to be the fifth and then..guess what? 
Yup.  More rain.  We are over a foot above normal now.  The weather man
said last Thursday that out of the 258, 268 days or however many days
have elapsed since January 1st, that
more than half of
those days  elapsed have been raining.  He said the largest number of
days in a row without rain have been 5.  And here we are about to do
that again. 

I am going to put a picture of a bloom on a bush in my son’s yard in
Charlotte.  Can anyone tell me what this plant it?  It has a beautiful
fragrance.  The bloom is about as wide as the palm of your outstretched

Come on over.  We might have something good to eat if you treat me right.
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