The H1N1 Swine flu is just striking everywhere and many people.  When they said it would be a Pandemic here a few months ago, I didn’t really believe it.  And it was so mild seeming from all reports that it didn’t seem much of a threat, any more than seasonal flu.  But it is. All of the above.  A Pandemic and too frequently deadly.  It makes me feel as though I really don’t want to be out and about as much as I was, though I am still, right now.  My next door neighbors with the  four daughters have had 3 of their 4 stricken, but it seems they all got through it alright.  I had remarked that I had not seen or heard them in some time.  That’s when he told me the news.
  I saw on the news the day before yesterday that the virus travels a distance of ten feet to get from one person to another.  They found that by animal research and an infected rat was put at varying distances from a healthy 10 feet, the healthy one caught the virus.
Had to have the pest control man back just a week after he was here.  A large influx of those tiny ants in the bathroom.  Only there it seems, so far.  But enough to be a problem.  The cat lays in there by the water dish with her OCD thingy going on where she used to drink constantly and now, medicated she doesn’t have to drink so much BUT she lays by the bowl anyway!   So why I said that is:  I became aware of the ants when I went to make my bed after returning from Charlotte and there were several little ants in it.  They had hitched a ride with Miss Catt.  I called the pest control man.  I mean, can we say EWWWWWW!?  He came way early and sprayed heavily in there.  I didn’t know they were also in the shower!  So the bathroom door is closed till the insecticide dries so that she may go back in there.  As soon as she sees the door is closed I will have to leave the house to get away from the meowing!!!
I am still amazed at how many bloggers are gone from Spaces.
I suppose I should continue readying myself for the day and hope for one more day of pretty sun.  Tomorrow brings in the front with rain.