I hope I don’t sound ungracious about this..oh, I know I will.  Why did I even type that?  But here’s the thing. 

Last weekend we went to a more upper scale consignment shop while I was in Charlotte and since I am a linen fan, I bought a piece of lace and linen table covering. When I went to pay for it, the woman at the register who apparently comes from another Country, gave me a compliment.  She went on for a good minute (that’s a lot of words…think about it!) about how pretty my skin is, how my makeup complimented my coloring (I am as white as a jar of paste, trust me, and I have to have something or disappear). A simple "You look nice today" would have been more than sufficient.  To repeat how my makeup complimented my coloring and so on, while I am sure was well meant, was excruciatingly embarrassing to me there in front of others whom I didn’t know..and would have been embarrassing whether there were any witnesses or not, frankly.  Just she rather bore down on it.  I know..I know…be grateful for the compliment but I went away feeling self conscious and wondering was she trying to tell me I looked like a train wreck and change my makeup for pity sakes. 

I had similar things happen in other stores.  Someone asked me what I used as it was so pretty.  Gees marie..leave me alone, please.  Does this happen to you all?  I mean the women of course.  Now I have told a stranger in a store what a pretty dress they have on if I am particularly struck by it, but I just say with a smile, "what a pretty outfit" and leave it at that.

Before you think it, no, I am not one of those who can’t take compliments.  I certainly can.  Love ’em. But please…don’t get personal when you don’t know me.  Just say you like my hair, dress, outfit, smile, eyes, what EVER and drop it for pity sakes.  Don’t go into my preparations for the day on makeup.  Maybe Loreal ought to hire me as a spokesperson for that is what I use.
Here, in this picture  below is how I feel when strangers do this (if you’re a woman friend or man friend..bring it on..when it’s just you and me) But this photo illustrates how I must look holding my purchases when store personnel comment my appearance.