I am awaiting word from my son in Charlotte all curious as to how little Morsel is in her new home.  I do understand from a phone call that she is still nursing from a bottle.  The sweet little one is only 3 1/2 weeks old now.  So, no surprise she is still nursing.  It was he who posted that  video for me from his home last week,.  If another gets posted, it will be him posting it again as he is the man on the scene. Hoping it will be sooner than later today.  I am bustin’ to see her and how she is doing. 

Meanwhile my Queen here is absolutely luxurious in her Winter coat.  My goodness.  It’s been growing in for Winter time like no ones business.  I brush her every day so she’s glossy too.  Wish I was as pretty and luxuriant as she is.  But someone has to carry the standard around here…who else is more suited than she?  No one.

I am headed over to watch the football game with two of the three sons.  No way I will get another surprise like I did several weeks ago when the son from Charlotte knocked on my kitchen door.  (He had been offered to come along for a 1 day trip with a fellow teacher who was visiting her grandmother near by).  I had a 6 hr.  visit that was totally unexpected.

Stephen, if you happen to read this, I made a comment on your Blogspot blog but it is so fun to read your adventures when you were a cat.  I don’t think that was too long ago, was it?

I bought 2 huge bags of snacks that men traditionally like (don’t ask..I’d have to go look..I am not a chip etc fan) only to find there is a "cutting back" afoot.  So I am bringing my low fat popcorn as always and I think that’s all the youngest is going to eat.  Who wants these huge bags of chips?  Come and git ’em.  While you’re here you may as well stay for the game.