I had to go get my potassium tested this morning via a blood test and I requested that they see how my vitamin D is doing.  The vitamin D was my idea but it was necessary for the potassium levels to be done.  Enter poor Rambling On into the Lab area.  There is only one woman, an older lady who is absolutely painlessly perfect every and each time, no failures in my experience.  However she seems to be doing paper work, her choice, so we patients are left to the mercies of the very nice but not good at all at blood taking, girls.  I offered up my left arm..always sure to please though the right arm, while less used is equally accessible. So, here comes the tourniquet..for EVER and EVER before she declared she could not find a vein.  Yeah right.  Suddenly they disappear? 

I said that my arm was getting blue so could we make the plunge and by the way, she is not to search around under the skin looking for her fave vein.  So, she used a butterfly which is for infants!!!  1000 years later, a wee bit was trickled into the tube.  She finally took it out declaring not enough for both tests..just the potassium.

Enter Linda, the really great Phlebotomist. She stuck the other arm instead and the needle and came up with a veritable fountain pf blood.  Now, here I am with BOTH arms stuck; twin hematomas.  Wait, not fair to Linda.  Her stick will just barely be noticeable.  The girls in that lab, oh good grief!!! Purple bruise that will only get larger is my  portion for a week.

One of you mentioned that a baby should not have a collar on however precious looking.  I agree. I am going to ask my son to spin a true tale about how she could get her little feet hung up in it, it is so large, and if she’s running eventually, it could hang up on something and choke that baby girl. That collar is waaaay too big, and her tiny neck can’t be much larger under that fur, than your thumb.

You guys hear about the huge rock slide in Heywood County, N.C. at 0200 two mornings ago?  That shut down both sides of I-40 till January.  BAD news.  I am so grateful that I got there last week at least.  The workers have to go all the way to the top (no fun..high high high) and pry loose any other wet and loose boulders, tumble them down, then they can clean up.  The boulders are bolted into the mountain, there is screening bolted up too..but these were so huge they broke through.  I know exactly where it is..I always give a wary eye when I go by.  The truckers found it first..several people ran into the boulders.  No one was seriously injured which amazes me as some of the boulders are half -a- car sized.