This is the better of the articles I found and has a picture although it isn’t the best one of the bad slide of boulders closing I-40 both ways for months.  I hope the link works.  I’ll see here in a minute.

Just had my breakfast and in a few minutes I will medicate the Boss and then get up on the treadmill for my reward.

I watched DWTS last night.  The Judges taking out the dancers in the mambo were exactly the choices I had made except Aaron Carter deserved better.  They are really being too picky with him.  He, Joanna and Donny are the forerunners I think.  The rest may as well go home and Mya has an attitude if I ever heard one.  Donny is the most "real" of any I have ever seen on that show. 

That boulder slide is fifty feet tall for pity sakes and 100 yards long out there on the Interstate.  Going through a week ago, I noted a few boulders on the side of the road against the netting that helps keep them from making contact with the road.  However, these are huge boulders that weigh the proverbial ton and netting, however strong isn’t able to contain those when they start down.  We have had HUGE amounts of rain as you have read me complain about (it’s raining NOW!) which they speculate is the biggest driver of this disaster.

Yesterday someone pulled out in front of us who were minding our business going down the road, and pulled into the passing lane where they went along at a leisurely 15 mph under the speed limit.  My fork lift for the front of the car (that I have often spoken of that I wished I had to flip these people physically off the road)  was in the shop or I would have cured that situation.  Instead I would have to use the fork lift I install on the grocery cart to keep malingerers out of the way for pete sakes!  MOVE out of my way you slow poke! 

Gotta get dressed  for the treadmill and get her medicine ready for that beautiful ear of hers.