A fur kid I know decided to start singing "Oh what a beautiful MORNING" at 3 in the morning.  I tapped my fingers on my pillow to summon her (she woke me up of course) and she got on the bed, walked up to my face, laid down, put her paw on my eye (no claws out..just velvet) and moved it to my mouth for kisses..and stayed maybe 20 minutes and left me.  She went for an encore at 5..same deal but more insistent.  At 7, I got up.
I just got off the treadmill a few moments ago and, did my weights too and now, I need to get ready for the day soon as my face quits sweating.  Dewing..glowing..which one of those do I want? Oh heck, I’ll take sweating.  That’s what it is.  It is so beautiful outside I think I will take the camera and see what I can take a picture of.  I put up an album of maybe 5 or 6 pictures taken very early this morning standing on the deck with a night gown on, and wishing I had dressed first.  They aren’t my best, but they do show my woods here at the house.
Regards DWTS, I am amazed they got rid of Melissa Hart first, who did need to go maybe next week,, and not get rid of that skateboarder whose professional is Chelsie.  He stands there like a wooden puppet  while she does all the dancing and twirling..like a whirling dervish or something. or maybe he is a May Pole and she’s dancing around him.  He gets on my nerves. Plus,  as the judges said, he dropped his pro two times.  That alone should have done it for him. Donny and JoAnna…I am still rooting for them.
Getting later..see ya later dudes and dudettes.