I’m cooling down before getting ready for the rest of the day.  I did not do as much on the treadmill..just wasn’t into it as much this morning. 

Question:  I have noticed increasingly on capital mur-der tri-als that the defense is allowed to cobble together anything in an effort to save the sorry hide of the accused.  Two of four accused have been convicted in the city very near to me, with 2 more to go to trial yet.  The defense lawyers in an effort to save these heinous kill-ers smeared the reputations of the poor young victims. Those were lies and the jury had none of it.   Today is the sentencing phase.  Death or life w/o parole.  The defense are allowed to bring a bakers dozen if they want to (I think it’s 10 people today) in a still yet further attempt to save this hideous now convicted killer from the ultimate sentence.  One of the things they are going to point out is so called mitigating circumstances.  Question:  If you had a hard life..if your mother or whomever was a so and so..if you do dr*gs, sell dr*gs, should your bad social and home upbringing be enough to get you off?  That is happening increasingly.  Is it setting a unthinkable precedent?  Do what you want, and claim you were from a bad home etc so as to get away with it?

Sorry for the dashes and stars in the blog.  That’s to help keep search engines from this one particularly for those words. 

The trial(s) I am speaking of were so heinous and mind numbingly horrific I can’t write of it here, nor could I watch the TV stations “helpful” live streaming of the entire gavel to gavel process.  People fainted in there and some had to be removed from the jury. That’s another question:  Why broadcast such horror?  How is it helping the public especially when the details are so graphically extreme?  I am not going out to do this thing..so it’s not stopping me or most..so what good is it? 

Bummer, I know.  Sorry.  One of those rare times I depart from my life and my surroundings. The way things go these days amazes me..and not in a positive way.  Done.  Sorry. 

Miss Morsel 2 1/2 wks. Now a happy almost 4 weeks of age.