I am feeling approximately 9 years old this morning. And that explains the title.  YES!  This wasn’t my best of weeks, so I am tons and tons glad to be feeling this way again..which I usually do.  Everyone has their turn in the barrel and I felt as though I was on permanent spin cycle so consequently I was feeling sorry for myself.  🙂

Anyway, I have caught up on my sleep.  Miss Catt kindly facilitated that the past few nights when we went to bed by reposing in her usual place by my face, patting my face and seeing that I slept well.  She is here supervising as I type (she wants on to write her own blog and is encouraging me to get crackin’ here!) and I am annoying her with one of the toys you have seen at the desk in here, in my Computer Surroundings” pictures.  This time I am fluffing her up with one of the small feather wands.  She’s hunkered down, enduring being fluffed. 

The sunrise is fabulous looking BUT I am unsure how to take a proper picture.  I don’t want to flash to fire and I know how to do avoid that..and I can set the aperture easily enough, but it’s the exposure settings part that flumbuzzles me in these cases.  Auto is not an option. I would be better off right now waiting to accomplish this type of photo untill I either experiment and make notes, or read something.  I’m crazy about Victoria the Nikon, but she needs someone who knows better than I presently do, to know what they’re doing.  I think I am trying to say I am lazy about learning settings in the exposure  part of her world. 

You all who have been to that tiny album have seen this photo which I will post with the blog today.  It was not long after sunrise two mornings ago.  I was desperately (AGAIN!() trying to capture…in the burgeoning morning, the sun slanting thru the fog and trees.  I tried hard not to let the focus be solely on that large oak..and semi-succeeded.  However, while I was trying to capture the ethereal look of the fog and sun and dark tree trunks..a lot went missing.  I need someone next to me  for a space of time who can slap the side of my head and say “NO!  Try it this way”.  The son who is a great photographer has no time on the weekends..he lives in the big city and has commitments so I hate to ask him to be with me while I try to take more challenging photos.  He would if I asked but he has so little time.  I have asked for Sunday afternoon for a walking tour of the City with our cameras and he agreed.

Guess who is coming for dinner?  Who else..the oldest.  Been awhile.  I see chicken in his future.  Not sure yet what to do.  Should I do the grilled deal again?  The fragrance of that what with the spices, glowed in my home for hours and hours.  Heavenly though.  Or baked…OH!  I meant to recommend something.  I stopped at KFC for the first time in literal years (love the stuff but too fatty for me) and bought their newest grilled chicken.  I chose coleslaw and green beans to go with.  I want you to know that was absolutely delicious!  If you haven’t tried it..you should.

Here’s that picture.  I like it but..I want to do it right.  So far, at that light level..no luck.  meanwhile have a great one today.  I’ll join you in that.  After all, breakfasting on Carole dee’s cupcakes she baked got the morning off to my favorite start!