A friend and I are headed to the mountains.  Those mountains, the Smoky Mountains are very near. So, it won’t take but less than an hour for where we are going. I am taking Victoria the camera but, I fear peak leaf season is over and the leave may be many fallen or at least faded.  But we are going and making a day of it. 

Here Majesty will have to do without lounging in the bathroom next to the tub (I told you she’s OCD) because I used a silicone caulk there along the baseboard against those bitty ants that are trying to make a comeback.  I will tell the pest control man as soon as he gets here in a week or less.

Meanwhile, I am ready and I think I will call my friend to see if we can leave a little earlier.

You guys have a good day.I’ll be thinking of you while I seek some pictures you might enjoy.