We had a wonderful day and evening. I got home on the later side with the Boss checking her watch and asking where in the world did I think I was, to not be here for her supper serving!  I explained the best I could and apologized profusely.
I got there and in Sevierville (TN) I hauled out Victoria to take a picture of the Dolly Parton bronze statue perched on a boulder right in front of their pretty Courthouse.  I was appalled when I saw the little "door" open where the memory card goes it.  For the first time in my life of taking digital photos…I failed to reinsert the memory card after uploading the last batch to the computer.  So there we were..me with a camera and good intentions and no card.  No spare.  We had nothing else to do but go cruising again after finding a great parking place..DANG! and find a WalMart or etc to buy a memory card.  So with that done, I took some photos around Historic Sevierville.  Dolly statue, a young female cat with a perfect heart on her side..then the Courthouse.  Then we headed on Rt. 441 up into the Smokies.  The time was not good for photos as the sun was blaring right onto me no matter what I 9and everyone else did) to position ourselves.  Just you take what pictures you can when you can and be grateful you were there to do it..that’s what it came down to even of the quality is sadly missing. 
We found ourselves at a standstill on up there some about 5000 ft. and I guessed correctly that there was a black bear there.  He had been 20 ft. from the road way (I bet there was 100 of us stopped and trying desperately to take pictures) but he walked on down as far as the telephoto lens on Victoria could reach, and while I have a picture..it is out of focus, branches in front of me (lens) (no help for that..deep woods) and there is a fuzzy round black shape on the memory stick.  That will be just for me.  No way can anyone but me know what that fuzzy thing is.  We continued on up to Clingman’s Dome. It was getting darker by the minute so we didn’t go any farther and after a picture or two, started back down. 
The trip was good for me as an exercise in patience. Here is why:   I am a very precise, git ‘er done and the quickest possible  person.  I have no patience (except with animals and children) and when I set out to do something, I do it.the fastest possible and go on to the next task.  yesterday was, as I said, good for me.  I was forced to leave later than I wanted..make many side trips, got up the mountain late..missed photo after photo opportunity and had one of the best times in my recent life.  It’s good to realize again with some conviction that I was not on a timetable and who cared what time it was or where i was.  I am one of those popcorn people.  Always popping up and doing something.  And I don’t stop until it’s done.  Everyone has their own personality and I’m entitled just as everyone else.  However, I need more and more reminders to stop and just "be". 
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