I am ready for the treadmill but I am right here, talking to you.  I bought a new pair of athletic shoes a few days ago because they were 79.00 on sale for 34.00.  Turns out that was a good buy.  I will show you why.  If nothing else, this will show I really am out on the road or up on the treadmill.

  We are talking very worn.  I’ve had these about 5 months and that is the life of a pair, pretty much.  Funny I never noticed the hole inside or the wear on top of the heel until yesterday. I break in the new pair when I log off here.

Thank you for looking at the very few pictures I posted.  Due to the intense sun glare I got very few postable ones and several were so poor, though I tried to doctor them up..I took down again because they were just so poor.  By the way, I am posting a few here, and if I could remember how to center them, I would.  But a friend who is from Alaska 🙂  told me how to center them last year..I hardly use Live Writer.. and now, I forget. Sigh.  So they are all in a row for ya.

If you did not go to the album in Photos yesterday, here is that girl cat I spoke of with the perfect heart on her side.  She is 4 months old and small as well as totally adorable.  She is a rescue from the side of the street at 5 weeks of age by a good man who happens to be a lawyer there in Sevierville.  She has a wonderful home and she’s glowing with health.

To add another one in the row (I wish I could spread these out..help!!!???)

here is Miss Dolly Parton’s bronze statue honoring her in the area  where she was born. She’s a wonderful person besides being a fantastic entertainer.

Well, now I have three in a row.  Oh, and the treadmill is making growling sounds.  I think it’s getting hacked off at having to wait for its exercise.


Just in case I want to get married, here is a Wedding Chapel right there streetside. 


OK…  Done with the pictures all in a row.  (Grrr) so..see you later.  I must get on up there and do my duty on the ‘mill. 

Form up in a line to the right..you’re next.