I was looking at someone’s list of five things to let go of in your life.  Among their list was negative relationships.  How true is that?  Several of the commenters mentioned that while absolutely true, letting go of negative relationships is the only thing to do as those people are never there for you..never are they there for you. Some of the comments mentioned that they found it hard to let go, although eventually they did. 

Negative relationships are not just boy/girl or man/woman relationships; they include a woman’s female friends or a man’s buddy’s as well.  Professionals or co-workers, all of them have the potential to change and not always for the better.

Sometimes the friendships your form are built on a single thread running between yourselves, such as a similar hobby, your children perhaps, a sport both of you enjoy, and sadly, what the other person may perceive that you can do for them. Those are the relationships that sometimes fail  more quickly as there are no other likenesses to build upon.  But for whatever reason, even established and deep relationships/friendships can and do fail.  Often, it’s no more than pulling apart due to life’s circumstances for one or the other.  But sometimes jealousy or envy creep in, and so begins the likely downfall of many friendships -that -were.

I have had that experience two times in as many years.  Both were once friends I thought, one of long acquaintance, the other just several years.  Both were  difficult to let go of for me as I tend not to give up on folks.  The one that I had known a long time was, not surprisingly the most difficult for me to let go of but the jealousy and envy shown too many times of certain things became too much to continue dealing with, hence, the inevitable decision to let go.  The other friendship of shorter duration was easier to let go.  That person realized I could not be of professional help any longer, hence, I was no longer a possibility in their upward climb at work so the interest in our friendship went from constant contact and doing things together to almost nothing.   The thought of being used is always difficult but I shrugged it off after a short time and moved on. 

Regardless of these examples, it is a fact that sometimes we give our friendship openly and it isn’t always to the person who would appreciate it.  We learn from these experiences and move on with an open, loving and giving heart and mindset because real friendship always outweighs these occasional downturns  and those real friends we make lift us up when we are down and are always there when we need caring support.

However..I am a chronically happy person. So I am always there for my friends who love me. Some things don’t change and that would be me.