I just came back from the Farmer’s market.  Frankly I was surprised they are still open this late in the season.  It was a whim that sent me over in their direction and what made me stop was a band was playing.  There is always freely given music there of one sort or another.  This was a small ensemble whose name has escaped me for the moment.  They will donate their time and play anywhere anyone wants them.  I loved it.  There were a bunch of old Standards that they played.  I will be humming "Stormy Weather"  and "Bali Hai" or however that is spelled, for a long time today. I stayed for perhaps 7 songs.  I would have stayed longer to show my support and enjoyment but I was wearing a thin silk bomber-style jacket and with the windy conditions, that was not enough.  I have a regular tee shirt on under it as I expected simply to go to a department store; I never dreamed I would be out in the wind and cool weather.

You can see their music being blown about. That is the conductor, in the front holding onto her music which is fluttering in the breezes.

I showed my appreciation for their time and music but had to leave or be very cold!  It was fun.  I love it when I can happen onto such things.  When I had my point and shoot I used to make a little video and post it here.  Those days are gone.  That’s OK.