I have cleaned the house and every few hours I have had to remove some lady bugs that seem to get in despite my best effort. Maybe the pest control man will make it here soon.
I have to be out again this evening but hopefully Miss Catt will not mind.  I allowed her to keep me prisoner while sitting in my chair reading the paper.  She hopped up to do the monorail thing on the chair arm.  She kept lifting that left back leg and I knew what she wanted was me to allow her to drape that leg over my arm..pinning me down and affording lots of petting and a little mini kitty massage for her.  Me?  Well, I got to feel the warmth and the fur and I got to hear the purring.  I am the servant…she is the Boss.
I was watching some figure skating a while ago as I was reading the paper.  I have never seen so many of the men fall.  I know it was horribly disappointing.  They are in Japan competing just now.  Soon, it will be time for the Winter Olympics.  I love them Winter or Summer.  I disagree with a few of the so-called sports they have included but..that’s why they don’t make me Queen of the Olympics Rules. 
Can’t wait for the Lane Kiffin Show tonight.  I couldn’t see the game as it was not televised.  Homecoming game.  We whupped up on Memphis. I’ll tell ya, I can certainly attest that Kiffin and his Dad, Monty have made a huge huge difference in the Vols.  The work ethic alone has improved 100%.  While we still had Fulmer (whom I really DO like) the guys ran out of gas at the half time spot inevitably.  They were tired and tuckered and sluggish.  Kiffin started right off with conditioning and never let up.  It shows as does every other thing he has instilled into our rebuilding football team. 
OK.  Off my chair..have to get ready to go out in a while