Monday’s child is fair of face.  I saw an adorable tiny three weeks old baby at church.  Me..I was old fashioned about that and tended not to expose my babies to a lot of people with their attending germs etc.  But I think that caution is pretty much pooh poohed now.  This baby boy was actually born on a Monday and he definitely has the face on an angel.  But all babies do.  I wish I had had a dozen. 

I have been toiling on the treadmill this morning.  The phone rang and generally I will not get off for that but I had only just gotten started, so I did answer.  Good thing.  The pest control man is scheduled for Wednesday 1000 hrs.  Maybe the lady bugs will take heed and leave before he gets here.

I took the camera with me this morning.  One thing almost spoiled my time in that tiny pocket park I went to.  An ancient woman in her car backed blithely into my path as I was making my way into a little shopping area.  Rather than stop..she proceeded on her way with a foul look and nasty snarling at ME.  OK.  If you insist you old harridan.  It’ll be my fault for daring to enter the area when you were going to leave.  Good thing one of us was looking; that being me.

So, I took a few pictures and went on to my other things on the schedule to do, and I came back to find Miss Catt curled (except her head) into her "condo" she had from when she was a kitten 11 years ago.  How in the world she gets that ample body into that little condo is for her knowledge only. 

Ever think what a harmful instrument the human tongue is when we use it to criticize others..just as I did  a few minutes ago regarding that old lady?  It’s not as though expressing my thought about the incident changed what happened, or made a difference in her day or mine.  But..I did it anyway.  I have become increasingly  aware of that and I have made a few stabs at curbing it.  No, I won’t delete the remark. but I am aware of it.

Here is one of the things I found at the park.  Click to see it without the blue of the blog coming through if you like.