They, the DOT, have to have I-40 closed in Heywood Co. in NC because of the huge rock slide. The rocks are as large as houses.  It will be way into January or perhaps February before they get even one lane opened both ways.  Now, the Dept. of Transportation has announced that I-81 will also be closed for a while because of needed bridge repairs.  Um…let’s see.  The traffic is diverted now from I-40 onto I-81 due to the massive rock slide will also have to be diverted from I-81, though for a shorter period of time I gather .I thought I saw Nov. 2010 earlier but now I read something within this month as returning to normal for I-81.  Time will tell but meanwhile..pity all the truckers never mind folks like you and me.  I-40 has an inordinate amount of commercial truck traffic as it is (not as much now…rock slide) due to its east/west direction.  So two lane roads through hills and hollers will have to do for everyone until the whole enchilada gets fixed up again.  I dread the traffic, the long times and so on involved for travel  to Charlotte for me and my family and certainly others; and I feel sorry for those in towns and byways having to endure the huge upsurge in traffic through their small towns.
You know, I wrote an opinion of mine on a blog several weeks ago..nothing earth shaking.  It was about my thoughts and considerations on crime and punishment.  Someone decided to "correct" me and my opinion which most of you agreed with by and large, and they wrote a pointed remark in my comments.  That not being enough, there was a somewhat vague but noticeable reference to me not knowing what I was talking about in their own blog.  I suppose there are those born to "correct".  I have never seen fit to do the same to that person or others. Applause please. There.  Got that out of my system.
Other than that, just a lunch today.  It’s raining.  Naturally.  In this case it’s tropical storm Ida.
You guys have a wonderful day.  Thanks for allowing me to vent on that incident regarding blogging.  bee on my late blooming azalea. Click for true color.