No, not you guys.  I mean the person in the gray SUV I encountered yesterday morning.

I was waiting at the intersection to get out onto the main drag down from my house and in due time, there was truly well and above enough time to slip into traffic.  I did, and I was accelerating well, but apparently not fast enough yet for the SUV who came screaming up to my bumper.  Blowing his horn copiously, he passed me and sped on down the road.  I blew mine too as a greeting to him. .  Then, the first traffic light came up.  I always have called traffic lights the great equalizers because when they are present, you may as well get ready to stop at every one of them.  So, the SUV driver was waiting, impatiently I’m sure, for the light to turn.  Well, my goodness, I just made sure I greeted him again by blowing my horn long and cheerfully as I slid on by in the other lane since the light had changed.  Well, what do ya know?  We found ourselves at or approaching the second of 16 red lights!!!  I didn’t want him to feel lonely so I blew my horn nicely in carefree greeting as once again, it turned green as I got up to it.  He on the other hand, raced toward each light only to have to stop.  Me, I know 37 mph usually gets you through most of them  So, I had one more chance after those two to greet him well as I went on by.  I did not wave..I just blew my horn. He made a left turn so I was unable to "make nice" any more..just a long toot of the horn as I went by while he waited for the green arrow..  I like being neighborly.

I am stalling before I get up on the ‘mill.  I’ve had breakfast, she has too, I have swept the grit from the litter off the floor, taken out the trash, prepared her meds, checked my email accounts, got the papers, and using this opportunity to stall some more.  Just do it!!

Oh. I happened into Merle Norman yesterday and they have a raspberry colored lipstick that looks amazing on my white as a china plate face.  She threw on blush over top of mine however while I was there and told me my make up was too pale.  I hastened to say that I am pale and while darker makeup is more flattering, I would look like I was wearing a mask to go darker. And my neck would be pale..the dreaded line of demarcation.

OK.  I’ll go.