I was enjoying Paul’s blog yesterday… and in comment to his blog I mentioned that I have occasionally had incredibly difficult times trying to make a service person..especially in personal services as Salon stylists understand a request or a description.  This is a situation that does not occur all that often, but when it does, it is not always easy to curb a sharp edge to my voice when I get to the point that I am ready to give up and leave the premises.  Usually if I, and whomever I am seemingly battling with have a decent professional relationship of some length, I will  still try to make my wishes known to a point.  When no matter how many ways I say the same request/statement, it is still misunderstood because the person was listening just to the opening sentence and filled in the rest on their own…that’s when I say "Oh.  Am I speaking Latin again?"  That comes out of the blue..startles them and makes them think (GASP!) and finally pay attention.

Additionally, I have had the experience to where I had begun to speak in a store or on the phone and the service person interrupts and fills in what they think I was going to say.  Um…telepathic abilities are slipping these days as they never have gotten into my mindset and knew what I was going to say. Or, as when I had to call a tech regarding a computer problem, I carefully slowly tell them the steps I have taken.  And I tell them what I already know and understand is NOT wrong so that they don’t have to try to question me to see if I know this or that. What do they do?  Just as carefully, they tell me to take the steps I have already taken..and tell me basic you’d-have-to-be-brain dead instructions or info that I had just  explained I knew or had done.  So then, we start all over again. 

What ever happened to listening? Oh.  I must be speaking Latin again.