I appreciate any of you who have been to look at my albums and made a comment on some of the pictures.  That just makes my day, week and year!  There aren’t gazillions of them but those that are there were taken with you in mind generally and if you look at them..I love to share what I see with you…then it makes me feel happier somehow.  It’s like baking a batch of cookies and handing them over to you or perhaps handing you a bunch of flowers (though mine seem to be virtual).  If I know you liked my offering, I feel great.  Regarding the most recent a bout three weeks ago in the landscape category, remember…the ones in the Great Smoky Mountains are not crystal clear because…this is the Great Smoky ( read: haze) Mountains.  It will never be crystal clear..there will be a soft veil over most all pictures due to the weather and other mitigating conditions.  All the doctoring up of the pictures in the world will not take away the natural haze.

Me and her got through the night but she was sounding the alarm at 6 this morning.  She woke me of course but I was permitted to doze an additional half an hour. My teacher son will be here to stay over the Thanksgiving holidays and Miss Catt here will make the hour between 0630 and 0730 filled with her special brand of good cheer.  Lots of talking i.e. meowing. I have tried to distract her but as with the water dish, that is another of her OCD activities…she meows loudly from the time she has her breakfast till 35 or 40 minutes have passed.  Go figure.  Other than that, she doesn’t say another word.  Just little sweetie sounds is all.

I bought some more Christmas paper and I am about to go wrap some more presents.  I’m stalling.  I did the treadmill and weights this morning without a single stalling minutes.  That was something. Someone is at my feet making sweet chirping sounds and purring like a buzz saw and patting my knee. Let me stop and love on her.  See ya soon.