I can see that yesterday’s blog looked like I was complaining.  That was the last thing I meant.  I was just generally thanking those who looked through the years.  I probably could have chosen a better topic. Oh well, when you can’t see or hear the person, it’s hard to interpret. 

Anyhoo, I am stalling. You know about what if you are of the blog family.  I’m ready, everything but the pedometer.  Thing is I am waiting on Her Majesty to vacate her rug next to the treadmill.  If she doesn’t I will turn it on..that will do the trick.  I am too accommodating to be sure. I got her brushed..listened to her song of a good hour this morning before I got up..and after her meal.  Sigh.  I wish I could persuade her to stop that.  She’s a somewhat older lady..not that I would ever tell her age (ahem…cough cough -12 {in 1 month}- cough cough) but she is certainly set in her ways. 

The sooner I get up there, the sooner I can get off, fling the weights around and get on with the day.  Where is that fabled forklift I so often write about?  I need it behind me to get me off this chair.  I blamed her and where she is napping but really, it’s just an excuse as I have and will again disturb her and cause her to move to another place. 

I would have participated in dream Tuesday yesterday but I can’t think of one..and I tried.  Just come up blank.  All I can come up with is to be a better photographer and be more active.  I am pitiful when it comes to imagination and dreams.  I am a more literal person probably. One of my sons thinks that is why I am not that good at finding the right part of a photo to crop..just don’t have that creative flair. 

So..I hear growling from the living room.  Yon treadmill is getting weary of waiting for its morning run. Groan. OK.  I’ll go.  whimper…