Me..I am a good girl.  I finally did the job I detest the most.  Two detestable jobs matter of fact.  One, I went thru all of that standing file on the little kitchen desk top that holds letters, etc, and completely went thru it.  A pile for bank statements, a pile for keeping for the shredder, one for receipts, you can see where it went from  there.  It was stuffed waaaay over capacity and looked like a Hydra head each time I looked at it or tried to fit something else into it. I know I was in danger of turning to stone as one does when one glances directly at the, I looked backward from a mirror to avoid it (I AM kidding) But I got that 45 minute (it took that long there was so much jammed in there) job done  Then, onto equally yucky stuff.  I cleaned out my jammed past capacity undie/sock/bandanna drawer.  My word!  How do I accumulate that stuff?
I threw away older things that had seen better days among the three types of items there, and socks that slithered down my heel while I am on the treadmill.  I should have pitched them as soon as I got off of the treadmill   But no, that would have been too smart.  Instead I put them in the laundry and cussed the day when I put them on my feet on a given day..repeating the same silly chain of error. Now, I have a lot of room. And it took a decent amount of time.  Next I need to weed out the summer tank tops (I have a collection worthy of opening my own store). And get rid of T shirts that I love but are woefully out of shape, never did fit at all..and too small..too large..just do it type of thing.  The clothes closet is waiting too.  There’s a black hole in there ready to take me to oblivion if I don’t weed it OUT!  I go thru this every 18 months or so.   Apparently it’s fun for me to buy tops..I have a kazillion of ’em.
If I haven’t told you lately, you guys are the best..always were, always will be. 

Here the desk and file are.  This was bad (on the right) but not as bad as it gets. I took this months ago.