We are, or rather *I* am at all ahead stop right now.  I am dressed for the treadmill, the fan is set up on the stool in front of it..bandanna on my punkin head, and I came to a screeching halt.  That screech is the sound of me stopping as my foot was about to get on the treadmill track bed.  Why?  Her (who could I mean?) condo (a short pet tower just big enough for her) is now occupied.  That condo is up against the treadmill and I am not going to run off a dignified older lady by turning it on.  I will wait.  Everything is ready for me so I can go on and do other things.  I just like to get it done first off as a rule. 

Yesterday late afternoon I got my iPod Touch.  I spent pleasant hours getting it set up, transferring items from my other Apple products, syncing it, getting Apps for it..I even sent a little email from it to my youngest who is proud of me because I didn’t call and ask for instruction.  I am not that literate at computer anything, so I’m glad I got through as well as I have.  I also got the rather expensive App for birds…the so called big one.  May as well know who the birds are everywhere in the US or more..as I am a birder.  I also bought a case for it from the Apple Store made for the iTouch.  That wasn’t inexpensive but the slithery thing had slipped thru my hands two times yesterday.  That’s scary as I got the most powerful one and it wasn’t cheap.  Then I was looking at all of the Apps  till near bedtime.

The oldest will be here after work.  Chicken and lots of it baking for supper tonight.  I bought the bone in breasts by Tyson.  I got a full pound and just over for less than I would have paid for boneless..again that package weighed over a pound less.  I did the math. and got the much better deal  🙂

Next week the son in Charlotte will be here.  Thanksgiving is coming!!