The oldest was here as of last evening until noon today and I had the pleasure of feeding him up.  One thing that I won’t do is bake the chicken again.  Oh it was good enough but that was all…good enough not delicious.  I was a tad disappointed.  My all time favorite really is that Italian grilled chicken I showed you a picture of while it was pan grilling and what a great seasoning I made for it.  Next time, that’s what we will do. But we had that and instead of potatoes of any type I chose another type of rice dish that he was not all that enthused about.  He ate it but it wasn’t his most favorite.  However..this morning was all about three biscuits, strawberry preserves, butter, a mess of scrambled eggs and lots of thick cut bacon along with black coffee.  That was his breakfast..mine was two slices of toast with honey and a 14 oz. cuppa joe. 

He, the oldest son also bought a new iTouch as did I..I blogged about it yesterday, so we had those iTouches out part of the evening trying to get up to speed on using it.  I got more Apps too for mine.  Free Apps. And thank you Jade for telling me about Twit Bird.    I only have one paid for App..the bird one. I have had bird App envy since my youngest got his iPhone when they first came out and as he updates when new iterations are issued out..he updates his Apps too and as he is a hobbyist photographer of nature scenes and birds..he has learned most of the birds and their sounds already from experience.  But sometimes one shows up that you don’t recognize and our Apps have every one (bird)  in the U.S. in it.  Ain’t no one flying by that we won’t be able to see in the App and hear their voices too.  It is so cool!!! And now I don’t have to be jealous of that App. 

It is another outstandingly sunny and sparkling crisp day.  Even though it was 57, I had the car’s moon roof opened some so as to get the sun on me and have the fresh air.  That will end within a week or so as it will be too cold.  Just taking advantage of a great day again.  No outside exercise as I have been gone and too..very little sleep.

OH.  That picture of the paper in the file in my kitchen yesterday.  No one must have noticed that I said that picture was several months old.  So the little file had been cleaned up at that time. Miss Catt said no more photos of her commode either.  She’ll make me pay!

See you soon.