Man…I got some really scurrilous beyond nasty "comments" in the comment section from some Asian entity who has a stack of yahoo addresses attached and a despicable message as well to round it all out.  I take it it is an advertisement for filthiness.  I deleted the three I had in yesterdays and the last two before that, blogs.  I guess  I am the only lucky one as no one else has mentioned these disgusting "messages".  It wasn’t pointed at me per se..just placed there by the usual so-called robot programs.  You know, the same sort of thing that has placed real ads in our old blogsfor investments etc.  Most of seemed to be getting those a year ago or so.

I started out with full intention of making a few hours of it outdoors today but it started raining and I wimped out.  I cleaned house instead.  Not the same thing and I didn’t even do my weights or hop onto the treadmill.As Scarlett O’Hara would say, tomorrow is another day.

They will be here from over the mountains (via the I-81 detour off of I-40 and then back on again) Tuesday.  I am looking forward to it.  However they are forewarned that Miss Catt has been practicing her Opera scales every morning for an hour.  It’s just how it is.

We are going to the Double Tree Hotel’s fine restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner.  The huge variety is better than anything I can do in extreme variety (beef-ham-turkey-duck whatever you want) and it is prepared better than I can ever do.   All of the Chefs are there to carve the meats and it’s an awesome sight and the food is delectable.  Worth every dime.  I made the reservations for 5 yesterday.  There are a good 40 varieties of desserts.  And vast amounts of them too.

No one seems out and about much here in blog land so I will bid you goodbye.