I think that while out in the cold breezy sunshine that day when Miss Catt would not leave her condo, and I had to go outside into the sunny cold breeze for my exercise I developed a cold.  A head cold.  Been years since I had one if that’s what it is.  I’m sneezing and feeling not quite as quick as usual.  Oh well..many many thanks if that’s all I have to worry about.

They, the middle son and grandson, will be here tomorrow late as it has to be after school for both of them and too there is that big detour due to the rock slide. That will add at least an additional hour to travel time.  I have two big burritos, 10 ounce ones from the deli for them to scarf down when they get here before bed.  Probably guarantee a nightmare.  I made pumpkin bread to munch on Wednesday.  The youngest will stop by for awhile Wednesday after his dental appointment and we’ll have lunch..Thursday is Thanksgiving and you know the plan for that..Friday will be Christmas shopping for my grandson with him in tow.  He wants clothes and so he can pick them out.  My Christmas shopping is 100% done except that.  Wrapped up too. Ooops except for that which was ordered on line today that is.

Miss Catt put one of her better portraits in Flickr yesterday evening and she got some very nice comments about her beauty.  She and I always appreciate that.  She’s up to date on her own blog that she keeps.  Thank goodness *I* don’t have to mess with it.  It’s enough doing this one. When she decided to tell her side of the story I told her it was her business to keep up and not to bother me with it.  She has her own wee set of friends.

Tonight is DWTS.  I am extremely disappointed that Joanna and Derek were voted off.  Just to keep Kelly.  I like her too but face it..she dances like you and me pretty much. Her fan base kept her there and the better one was voted off.  Joanna’s waltz for an example with that song "Hallelujah" that was sung as their music was unearthly, it was so beautiful and ethereal to see.  Absolutely the best I have ever been present to see performed by anyone.  The music choice was so perfect I was just enchanted by the whole thing.  So were the judges in their comments but they hedged in the votes and gave 9’s.  That helped do them in nd then, they acted all surprised at Joanna being voted off.  Come on.  Sheesh.

OK.  Done complaining.  Hoping all of you had a great day. And don’t catch my cold. (I didn’t use my elbow to sneeze into)(I used a tissue)