I hope all of you had a good day with your family or friends or both.    I am grateful for each of you in the blog family, that is a fact.  You all are like extended family and we have all of us shared an enormous lot.  Our humor, times of reflection…sickness and our family stories.  We are all connected with a strong thread.  I am so glad.
We had a good day and as I mentioned we went to a restaurant for dinner.  Next year we will go elsewhere as this time, surprisingly, the restaurant did not put on the Ritz so to speak, as they did last year.  We liked the ambiance last year..this one..not so much.  It was OK.  Nothing to look forward to again and the enforced gratuity, while not too surprising, was new combined with a distinct downturn of food types.  Still, it was good.  Just not as much as last year.
No one in the family took any pictures.  Winter isn’t always a great time for them although that depends greatly on where you live, really.  Steve in Alaska has stupendous pictures of wildlife and landscape no matter what month of the year as does Red Willow and Carrie.  Me, there are only so many mountain pics I can take or get.
I love that iTouch.  I have quite a number of Apps now. What fun!  I have always disliked computer games and that won’t change BUT..I decided on getting the old familiars such as  tic tac toe and checkers as well as chess for those awful times when I am sitting and waiting for service at the car place or wherever.  I have a so-called pro score for bubble wrap popping. I love it! 
We are all going to he Big City to do some Christmas shopping at the Military store where camo and etc can be bought for the grandson.  He takes after me.   but he is also in the junior Navy ROTC.  So he wants that sort of clothing.  We will match. 
Here comes my middle son back from his wee hours Black Friday shopping.  Bye.  Wanna see what he got.