I’ve been hearing my cat saying meow an awful lot these past several nights.  I don’t blame her too much as she is used to all the doors being open for her imminent patrols and, they are not. And too, the bathroom door was accidentally shut after a midnight visit to that room and so Miss Catt was unable to get to her water bowl and believe me..she trumpeted THAT for hours.  We all just laid there in our beds having no idea she had a real gripe for once.  We thought she was being a so and so. (which she was, but oh well)  Next night (night before last..not only was that door left open for her inspection and use but…I left the mini blinds opened a little in the living room so she could see if there were any terrorists out there or worse still vandals and so on.  However, her patrols yielded nothing amiss and so we all slept peacefully.  Last night..I forgot to leave her portholes opened (mini blinds) and I paid the price.  We all paid that price with many vocalizations from 2ish on. The son from Charlotte will be here till tomorrow morning.  Then the oldest will be here for the heck of it over night as he has a doctor appointment here very early in the morning.  So..after Monday night, all will be the usual for Miss Catt.  If not, I will keep my promise to shut the hall door against her.

I bought a NY strip steak for the oldest for tomorrow night.  That ought to be good.  I would have done the same for the family already here but they all went to Nashville for the day where *I* would be if not for being so sleep deprived. 

We all had a good day yesterday and the day was glorious looking.  A good high energy day and by the way, if you have a Chick- Fil-A around your area and if you haven’t been to it yet..go.  My belly was doing a happy dance after my lunch of a chicken sandwich for a very extremely reasonable price.  The chicken breast was perfectly cooked..perfectly and lightly breaded..wonderfully seasoned and..it was the thickest piece of chicken I have ever had in a restaurant. 

Have a great Saturday you all.