The middle son is gone  this morning after their arrival here on Tuesday.  I would say they are about to their home now.  The oldest is here as of this early afternoon and  will stay till after his doctor appointment tomorrow early morning.  So then Miss Catt will be lonely but able to have all her doors open which means, I hope, no pardon the expression, caterwauling during the night. We all got to sleep well last night.  She sounded reveille at 0630.  She is relentless.

I am making a grilled NY Strip steak for him tonight along with oven fries.  Buttered yellow corn too.  No dessert per se.  We have had plenty of those this week.  My exercise has lain in ruins and I have done nothing since last Monday.  Sigh.  Wednesday will be the soonest.  Tomorrow is taken up as is most of Tuesday.  I don’t like doing anything as an exercise that is strenuous at night so…Wednesday it is.

I so enjoyed having all three boys here when they were all here..two of them when three wasn’t possible and one  of them when all else fails. Back to no boys for three weeks.  Then, a full house again for Christmas.  I have to cook though.

We are all excited as we are going to have a guest from New Zealand this Spring for a week.  The same family that my sons went to visit a few months ago.  He is a nurse and is being sent to the States for specific specialty training and is taking an additional week to come up from Florida where he will be for a weeks training so as to see my middle boy in NC..then they will come here to TN for a visit and he’ll get a tour of several States before he has to leave for Auckland again. Our own Kiwi!!It’s a shame they all can’t come..his wife and two sons but the expense would be prohibitive and the Hospital is paying for his transport.

Thank you ladies for visiting Devon’s new Space. (((HUGS)))