Me..I wanted to become a lawyer.  The first time I knew that was having taken Business Law, a course I had to have.  I was between majors then and immediately settled on Business.  This started at the University of Tennessee.  It finished in another Institution for graduation. I loved it, business, once I was exposed to it..all aspects of it.  Most of that is a tribute to the Instructors.  Especially Dr. Thomas.  He made it fascinating.  I wound up loving business law and marketing so much I began some campaigns against certain advertising in the South East US and actually and truthfully managed to get a corporation to cease an insulting to women ad.  I prepared, wrote and sent to corporate HQ a successful argument against the precepts the ad implied.  Made me go up in imaginary flames every time I saw it.  But I prepared my argument with the precepts I learned in Marketing and Salesmanship (that was an elective).

I did not become a lawyer however as another vital interest temporarily supplanted that desire.  I wanted to be a nurse.  Becoming a doctor would have been what I really wanted  but with three children, that could not happen considering the time element..even then (the children were all babies or toddlers).  I did apply for nursing school however and unbelievably, during the interview the person in charge let me know that the school insisted I had to live on campus.  I think not.  A husband and three children?  No.  However, ultimately, my specialty for career gave and gives me much satisfaction and reward.  It all worked out for the best. 

Just thought I would share a Tuesday dream gone with the past and not regretted.  The reality of my career was and is a sucessful alternative and I would not change a thing.

All of you in the blog family have a great rest of the week.