That’s when I woke. wasn’t Miss Catt.  I could hear her walking around though as I lay there trying to drift back off.  She never said a word.  When doors are open, she doesn’t say anything in the night..just at the time in the morning she thinks it’s time for me to get up.  I didn’t mind waking that early as I was uncomfortable…too warm under the covers and the heat had come on making it more warm than I like in the bedroom. 
Funny how I can hear that little cat body walking over the carpet though.  I hear faint sounds of the wooden floor under the carpet when she passes by certain boards that want to squeak.  First time I heard those sounds a few years ago, I came straight up out of my bed alert and ready..thinking someone had gotten into the house.  A natural conclusion of course if you hear the sounds of someone or something making it’s way around in your bedroom.  I turned on the light and saw a startled kitty face looking back at me.  Whew! But still, when you drift out of sleep and hear that sort of sound you do come alert, as you never know till you analyze it whether you have a home invasion or it’s a pet. 
In deference to rant Wednesday I will say that folks who drive 20 mph on 45 mph streets shouldn’t.  I have mentioned this over and over and over in one form or another. I was trying to make my appointment at the Salon yesterday and was unfortunate enough to be sandwiched behind a very old lady who needed a booster seat.  It looked as though there was no one behind the wheel from my vantage point.  As I finally got to pass I saw who was in there. She also came to a complete stop before turning.  Of course I was still behind her.  I made the appointment right on the dot instead of my usual 10 minutes early.  It could have been worse.
I am loving reading a book whole waiting when I am in the Salon or whatever.  I downloaded Jane Eyre, which I have read over ten times in my life already.  But I am reading it again on the iTouch.  I was waiting on the oldest day before yesterday and whupped out my iTouch to read.  Yesterday waiting on my hair to get done (roots) I was reading.  How cool!!! I always carried a book in my pocketbook anyway if I expected a wait somewhere.  Now I have one regardless no matter where or when.
It’s 0607.  I have had breakfast, so has she and now with the hiccups, we are ready for the day.  Rise and shine you guys!!!