I have collected or culled out, so far, 3/4ths of a leaf and lawn bag…you know that’s big, of shirts only that I don’t want for whatever reason. That’s a LOT.  Apparently I buy one every silly time I go out.  I will curb that from this day forward.  I don’t mean that literally…every time, but too many times for certain.  Now I have that closet in my room to go thru.  Not MY idea of a good time.  (which is why it only gets cleared out once every couple of years).That little cabinet on the right was the one stuffed with all the tops and T shirts.  Now the door closes and there is ample room.

I have a large pot of vegetable beef soup started.  Just the beef, onion, diced tomatoes and some extra beef flavor via 4 beef bullion cubes. Of course I will add the veggies later on.

They didn’t come to get the recyclables last week…they did the other side of the street and skipped my side and that leaves me with a very big container totally full to the top instead of the half a container.  I sure hope today they get it.  I called last week..you see what good that did. I wish I had a job that so many do that doesn’t seem to require that you do it.  I guess you have to make time for texting and talking on your cell phone.  Did I tell you about that time (the last time, too) that I took the car to a quick oil and lube place..they 15 minutes job?  They just had teens working and the one in the pit, (under the car)was on the phone the entire time believe it or not.  What kind of job can you do one handed?  No, he didn’t  have blue tooth.

Go make something good for supper and tell us what it is?