Mom traipsed in to get on the treadmill.  OH NOES!  Too late.  *I* had already beat her to the punch and I was installed comfortably in my condo.  Look where she placed my condo years ago.  In her defense, it’s the only place I have with a low sill where I can look out easily and doze in the sun.  So, since I was installed in my condo, although the day is dank and gray, she had to wait.  I bet she goes outside again for her exercise.  I know from experience that if it’s important to use the treadmill, she will regardless of my residence at the end of the ‘mill.  That’s so unfair!  This is my house after all and I let her stay to attend me because she does it so well.  Wait..this is her blog not mine.  Below is a picture of me on top of my condo several days ago .  Next is one of me inside of it this morning, all cute and charming. Sorry.  I’m gone.’s all yours again.


Meanwhile, now that the way is clear for ME to type instead of her, I will say that as I was on my way to get ready for the day, I glanced at where Her Majesty was before she occupied her condo, and I saw her under her mat with just part of her head sticking out.  That meant she was ready to play.  No way am I going to refuse such a pretty invitation so I got out her wand and started to move it under the rest of the mat to look like prey..and the games began.  I love it when at twelve years of age (almost) she prances, hops sideways and leaps to attack just like a kitten at play.  She sheds years when she’s happy and playing.  Since I am the same way  🙂  it goes to show you that having interest, enjoyment and someone to play with in our every day lives (no overtones and innuendo meant here) like her’n’me, all of us become kittens all over again. Life is good, isn’t it?

Miss Catt aka the Admiral got her first ever in her life Christmas card yesterday addressed to HER too, from one of the blog family.  I will wait until she says I may say who.  I will say Miss Catt and I were thrilled!!!  And I have not yet bought any cards.  I am headed out to do that soon as I get ready.  Snow expected tomorrow.  About 6 or so inches in the higher elevations and only a couple  inches if, here where I am.

Go play!