A comment in my Flickr album  on a picture of Miss Catt sitting up and, ahem, begging for a treat made me smile and reminded me of something funny  to us here in our family.

Our first Queen of our hearts was Robin.  She was a Tortie mix also as is Miss Catt, but Robin had pretty much a black base color with orange and yellow sprinkled fetchingly all over.  She reared my sons well as she lived to be 16.  They came up under her rule. 

But, as Sophia would say, I digress.  The comment on the picture in Flickr was regarding the person’s cat who gets into her treats all by herself.  She even had a few pictures of that for us.

As Robin grew old, she sickened with renal disease as many pet cats do.  When she first was taken to the Vet for diagnosis and hopefully treatment, she was given, among other things, sample pouches of Science Diet KD dry kibble  and wet food as well to see which she would like.

I served it up right away and it was not eaten.  Totally shunned.  Same  thing happened the next day and so on.  I served her the regular food reluctantly as she was so little, just 6 pounds, I couldn’t let her refuse every day.  Then, my work break ended and I went back to work.  I took a chance again and served her another pouch of KD dry before I left.  13 1/2 hrs. later I returned at the end of my shift.  She greeted me of course and as she, unlike Miss Catt was indoor outdoor, she left the house for her toilette.  I meanwhile took off my jacket, laid my workbag aside and wondered where the pouch was that I had left out on the counter.  I gave up but later when I went to clean her litterbox the mystery was solved.  She had taken it and buried it deep in the litterbox.

She was truly clever.  How many times she hopped up on top of the washing machine and pawed open the cabinet door where her paper plates were, I have lost count.  Her job wasn’t done though because after opening that cabinet, she hopped up on the sink counter and pawed open the cabinet door that contained all of her Fancy Feast cans.  That was as loud as a shout through a bull horn!  Feed me.  And you had better not leave the Pounce packet out because when you look again, it would be full of needle punctures, her teeth, as she opened the packet.  The girl rocked!!! I still miss her after these 12 years.  We all do.  All Tortie girls rock!