No more chances for her.  Nope.  Last night did it.  She started calling out from the time the light went out in my room.  Then, periodically she called again and again..loud enough to wake me each time.  I doubt if I had an hour sleep without her yelling.  No, she’s not sick.  She has her meds 5 times a week..her water drinking is normal but she still OCD’s about it and lays there in the bathroom where the extra water dish is up against it..hollering and moaning. No,.,.she doesn’t hurt..she isn’t starving or water deprived.  She came running in for her treats this morning when I said " treat?"  I said "brush?" and she came over to her mat for that..I said "play" and she was up for that too..prancing and attacking the movement under her mat that I made with a wand to simulate prey. 

MY eyes are burning and I am  walking around like a zombie but she seems bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I’m not.  So, we sleep with her at one end of the house and me at the other.  I will open the vertical blinds though to allow her to see out since she will not be patrolling the other windows down the hall here in the bedrooms.  I haven’t had to separate us in years.  When she was a kitten, I had to keep her down on this end of the house as I was trying to sleep days for my  midnight shifts  and couldn’t with her hollering. After months of that she got so she could sleep in the night or be quiet at least when I was on days..and come in with me into the bed to sleep with me in the day times.  However..something has her stirred up for the past 6 months or so.  I think I’ll put her in the car and tell her to drive to Chicago where chickens are.  ("chicken in the car, the car won’t go.  That’s how you spell Chicago"….remember that?)

So..that’s my plan.

Here’s the sorry little thing sleeping.