Last night I went to bed at 2045.  Light was out by 2100.  I didn’t care what she said or when she said it.  I was too headachy and tired.  I never heard a word all night until 0655.  As soon as I can catch her unaware, (she is hiding now that the pet carrier is out) she heads to the Vet. I can hear asthma in her breathing and the itching is increased from her allergies.  She needs her shot. She slept hard all day yesterday because she was up all night as I was too.  So she slept last night too.

We had extreme high winds and driving rain for our weather whereas most of my blog family had snow..the kind that means business!  I have yet to go around to visit so I don’t know how everyone fared.

The sun is out so I need to get ready and see that I am  out too.  Yesterday was a bummer both weather wise and a lack of sleep.  Need to make that up today.  I am bright and shining and so is the day. 

In finishing this, I will say that I have written many times on the past how really awful it is catching the cat and getting her into the carrier when she knows it is out in the hallway, and  she what that means.  I have to have it out ahead of’s standing on end to receive her when I catch her.  When it’s out, she is in inaccessible places most of the time.  I guarantee you, I have never exaggerated about how horrible it is trying to get her to the Vet.  Some may say to themselves, for pity sakes, just pick her up and put her in the carrier.  Oh no.  That doesn’t happen.  Only another cat owner could possibly know that I am speaking the truth.  You don’t reason with cats and you may get gravely injured in the process.  Not because they hate you..but because they are— or can be— so fearful.  They think it’s every cat for themselves. SO..I am awaiting my opportunity.  If she was sick in the way we usually think of sick..yes..she would be gathered up and taken quickly.  But then, she would not be concerned in the least.  I have had both experiences.  I’d rather she wasn’t gravely ill.  This discomfort she is experiencing and wants me to fix (without the Vet) is something I am trying to handle without going round and round with her.  There are the fortunate people who have cats that haven’t had to face constant blood tests and don’t feel as fearful, but poor Miss Catt really goes thru the wringer when she goes.

See you as I make my way over. 
This is my back roof line a few years ago.