As you can tell by the title, I was able to trick my poor girl and get her to the Vet’s Office.  I managed to do it in time to get her own Dr.That was good because he knows her issues.

Unfortunately, for the first time, she had to stay.  I handed him the list of my observations..same as I do for my own Dr. when I go, and he agreed, it is her allergies but fired up to the max worse than anytime previous. 

She will have her shot but he asked  that she remain behind till later today as her fur needs bathing. She has a greasy coat due to her extreme sensitivity to my trying to groom her with brushing.  He skin is too sensitive and inflamed from allergy to permit me grooming so she has kitty dandruff (she would be scandalized if she knew that..I always kept her in tip top shape) plus, as I said, her fur is greasy and she has mats formed in the rear flank area that will have to be shaved.  ALL this in three week, folks!!!  Oh the allergies were there but all the rest piled on fast.

There has never been a time when she wasn’t here so that’s strange in itself.  But although she will be mad at me when she gets home..she will feel SO much better I hope.  She did cry out in the night and kept me awake again… and the Vet agrees with me that it is likely how miserable she is itching so badly.  I am not mad at my little one..she can’t help it but I am exhausted.

I was asked out last night for supper and I am so glad she was able to have let me sleep that night because I was able to say yes and we had a great time.  We came back here afterward and so it wasn’t till 2200 that I was by myself again..took a shower and went to bed happy with my day and evening.  Poor Miss Catt did the best she could but she just had to tell mom she was miserable.  She started out well..nestled with me in the crook of my shoulder and neck..sound asleep.  But then, awhile after she got up…calling out started.

I am telling you this so that those of you with cats might learn about symptoms that you may have been unaware of so you can help your pet.

If this doesn’t work, I am at my wits end.