I’ll let her side of the story stand.  It’s in her blog (link is here on this page, to the left under "links" if you want to see what she said.

It was 17 degrees out there when I got up this morning.  Oh, the gas bill is going to be something for this month.  But so is everyone elses’s fuel bill going to be high.  As the saying goes, I don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.

I have one of my famous (here) meatloafs in the oven.  Forty five minutes left to cook.  Himself will be here this evening so I am getting prepared with food.  After that has finished I am out of here.  I am entering HERself in a photo contest today at the dreaded Vet’s office.  Hope she wins.  Have to take it there. You have seen the one I am taking.  In Flickr it’s the most popular picture I have ever posted.

Still getting ready for the day and waiting on the meatloaf to get done.  If you want to see the most marvelous picture on a long long time, go look at the picture Sherry has posted regarding an event that happened in the snow.  I guarantee, you have never seen anything like this!!!

That said, I am headed in to armor up for the day.